Kendall Jenner tries all she can to hit fame and fortune?


Kris Jenner knows well the many millions she generated by marketing her daugther Kim Kardashian the right way.

I mean with the right angle: the story of a rich heiress with a vacuum twisted mind and a giganormous back deformation. An unseen before circus object.

But what can Kris find as an angle to rocket launch the fresh Kendall so she hits Kim’s world class status?

Time will tell but Kendall has no obvious deformation to rely on.

We start to see her here and there in a bunch of Glam-wanabe poses endorsing things but… Will this be enough?

For now kendall has a regular job, she’s a model, but I guess the silver bullet will be harder to find here.

She’ll probably need to do a lot LOT more to match Kim achievements. :)

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