What is the meaning of life?


The above billboard can be funny at first sight right?

But it could also very well remind you in a second thought how your daily life isn’t in fact that funny, right?


Is your life a rat race where society only expects you to (re)produce, consume, pay taxes and shut the f… up?

If you think so, it’s because you already think about how you can make the difference to jump out of such a poorly designed box.


Think it’s too late? Think again.

As Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos says it: everyday is day one.

It’s never too late.

The only day it’ll be too late will be the day you die.


So until then, go, do it, change your world, and may be end up changing our world. :)


Need some inspiration?

No problemo.

Check the below video. In 46 seconds one guy will tell you the only thing you need to understand here: