Xbox One, no used games? Microsoft to alienate customers?


Well, the new Microsoft XBox One is around the corner.

Microsoft introduced it as a dream machine to kill time doing gestures in front of your TV screen (IRL, you may also sharpen your patience skills waiting for the gesture lag to end until your get your selected channel).

Maybe pushing the media features was ment to blind potential customer from the fact Microsoft dreams to kill the used games market?


You can’t sell used games?

Microsoft adressed that touchy point with this:

¬†We know there is some confusion around used games on Xbox One and wanted to provide a bit of clarification on exactly what we’ve confirmed today. While there have been many potential scenarios discussed, today we have only confirmed that we designed Xbox One to enable our customers to trade in and resell games at retail. Beyond that, we have not confirmed any specific scenarios. Another piece of clarification around playing games at a friend’s house — should you choose to play your game at your friend’s house, there is no fee to play that game while you are signed in to your profile.

Is this enough to say you will be able to sell your used games?

Of course, the anwser is no.

Not only you will need an Xbox live Gold monthly membership to do anything on the Xbox One, but chances are you won’t be able to sell your games once played. Of course you can access them, but not get money back from them.

And you know what? The price tag on new games won’t change anytime soon from the $60+ bar.



I know how desperate you are right now. But wait, there’s even more.

To make bad news taste even worse, Microsoft is also puting on the table a nice zoning system. Nope, you won’t be able to play games from Europe or Japan in your US console. That’s a fact.

Here is the sweet piece of PR :

As for the film and music industries, games must respect the regulations of each country before they are released. We are going to keep working with our partners to comply with these rules for the Xbox One.

Of course, such rules only profit Microsoft here, and their lobbying staff must have been very close to hold the pen who wrote the rules. ;)


Xbox360 games and accessories not compatible with Xbox One.

Of course!


Now I now, you’re asking yourself one big question.


Why is Microsoft doing this?

From the corporate perspective, this is the dream land where you the customer is locked down on every single step you take with your Xbox One.

Unless of course that you take the bizzare decision not to buy one… :)

After killing their OS market with the visionary Windows 8, seems Microsoft wants to renew the exploit and extract themselves out of the gaming market.

My One and only question is: Microsoft, why are you so suicidal these days? :)