Is Lady Gaga still fat in 2013?


Well, if you check the many yellow arrows above, fact is Lady Gaga keeps cruising in that piggy shape.

Of course you can’t call that really fat. But you can’t call that really thin.

Is Gaga becoming a “normal” person at the end of the day?

The above pic was shot in january 2013, check her bikini shape pics of june 2013, with no obvious sign of thin stage shape recovery.

But that was it for the piggy sequence.

Because starting july 2013, Gaga was already featuring a very slimed down shape. A true diet surprise.

Of course, her ARTPOP promo marathon was waiting on hold until she could be back on track. This explains that.

Mostly, her management asked her to starve herself for a month in a row, to deliver and not to compromise the business, again, like with her hip issues. No easy to be a yoyo pawn in the music industry, even if fans think she rules her world.

BTW, never try to starve yourself like that, it could be your last bad idea.


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