Christina Aguilera is so… inflated?


The delicious Christina Aguilera was spotted in the streets of New York featuring an incredible top muscle mass. Check the super extended fodds of the sweater to accomodate the gigantic bubble. What is she hiding under that hood? Does it pop under a needle?? Or is this the shape of a yet unknown wearable computer […]

Lady Gaga for Versace: with and without Photoshop


On your left, a real shot of Lady Gaga posing for a Versace campaign. raw light, heavy bags under the eyes, and her special cleft chin. On your right… WOOOSH! The same Gaga reworked under the magic of digital image editing. No more errors, perfect skin, mesmerising light in her eyes, silk hair, yada yada. […]

Vanessa hudgens duck facing in hippie dress


The lovely Vanessa Hudgens showep up (for money?) at the McDonalds & Stingray Desert Pool Party (hum… well, yes, for money!) in a very purple hippie outfit featuring her signature duck face. Love it (not for Vanessa, but because I’m a duck lover!).  

Rita Ora shows Zac Efron pecs to the world


During last MTV Movie Awards show, obviously Rita Ora wanted to prove before the entire world that Zac Efron is flat, super flat. People used to think he was a muscle machine toping 10 times Schwarzie’s metric, but nope. But don’t worry, flat screens are okay! ;)

Leonardo DiCaprio boys band dancing @ Coachella


Leonardo DiCaprio takes it very seriously when it comes to shake himself like there’s no tomorrow. Check shake him doing the sensual moves on the grass of Coachella and you’ll dream all nite long about it! ;)

Victoria Justice: pink liptsick on pink gown


Here is what you need to remember from Victoria Justice’s commando gear for the MTV Movie Awards this year. The lady went all girlie pink with matching lipstick and gown. A bad taste classic you can keep in mind for your next Halloween! ;)

Lindsay Lohan does the peace sign @ Coachella


Lindsay Lohan couldn’t decently pass Coachella. So here she is featuring the classic peace sign. Although with Lindsay, we never know if this means “make peace, not war” or “gimme a double dose, please”! ;)

Kim Kardashian can’t impress the parking valet?


Uh Oh? Seems the delicious Kim Kardashian, despite all her efforts and cash, couldn’t manage to impress the parking valet that night while out for dinner. That’s too bad the Queen of Vogue can’t impress even the modest staff. Maybe she need a second cover to start changing minds? ;)  

Kendal Jenner shows the path to Selena Gomez @ Coachella


Kendall Jenner is Coachella’s sherpa. Check how she instinctively¬†points the right direction so her BFF Selena Gomez can follow with ease (Selena she was almost lost as she’s pointing another wrong direction). Kendall Jenner as a spiritual guide? One of her so many talents. ;)