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Kim Kardashian shopping in Paris, with Kanye’s black card?


It’s a sunny Sunday in Paris, but Kim Kardashian as you know is working shopping 24/7. No matter the weather or the city. Shopping. Her closet must now be way bigger than Amazon + Wall Mart wharehouses combined. So she went out to clear all the local deluxe stores to save the french economy. Prices were a […]

Barack Obama, the stuntman (12 parodies)


Sometimes, funny things also happen on Reddit. A Photoshoping section member called justbcozitbruns launched a parody contest starting with the above offical photo of Obama jumping something, back in 2013. And what happened is next: But you know what? Jumping from/across things seems to be a natural skill for democrats. Check Jimmy Carter also  behaving […]

Kim Kardashian assaulted by agressive fan in Paris


The classy Kim Kardashian was left shaking in terror after a crazy fan jumped on her during the Paris Fashion week. Hopefully, a bodyguard managed to promptly pull her off the criminal hands in front of both Kanye and Kris Jenner. Sources tell the mad dude was the one who previously punched Brad Pitt. Not […]